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Emerald Color Titans Proofing is made from Pure Acrylic, Styrene Acrylic, Titanium, mineral fillers and other additives.

The waterproof layer has a smooth surface with a variety of colors, so it is not necessary to apply another layer of decorative coatings, thus saving the construction cost while still ensuring the aesthetics of the works.

Description: It is synthesized from acrylonitrile, alkylsiloxane and other additives, to prevent water permeability. Suitable for works such as basement, swimming pool, terrace, serenity, toilet …

EMERALD WATER-RESISTANT COATING CT-11A is a waterproofing agent bonded to cement which develops into a maximum elastic, elastic water-based crystalline silicone that acts to prevent water permeation but the surface evaporates easily.

EMERALD PAINT GLAZING E2K is a liquid, liquid, odorless, non-toxic liquid, simple, high efficiency.